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Service concept: Customers are happy, I am happy! 365 days, 24-hour on-site site service.


Hopman Elevator attaches great importance to after-sales maintenance work, strives to create a safe and worry-free environment for customers, actively explores innovative service models, and ensures the standardization and standardization of maintenance work through the improvement of systems and various text materials. Improve the skills of maintenance personnel; continue to improve the project manager responsibility system, large project management mechanism, and standardize the daily work of “one ladder, one file”. Hopman Elevator advocates the concept of “maintenance based on maintenance”, continuously promotes management deepening, transforms passive service into active service, promotes product sales with good, comprehensive and meticulous after-sales service and maintenance management, and further highlights the enterprise's Brand.
Hopman Elevator is committed to providing better service to its customers, and strives to provide you with a "nanny" service for "pre-sale, sale and after-sale". In the after-sales segment, we paid attention to the safety promotion service of the ladder and made a lot of positive exploration and practice, and strived to build a new normal of service. The Hopman Elevator provides customers with professional and complete safety data protection and service support in terms of installation and commissioning, daily maintenance and safety preaching.