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Hangzhou Hopman Elevator Co., Ltd.

Address: Qinlin Industrial Park, Yaolin, Tonglu, Zhejiang, China
Hotline: 4009933363
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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

Company Vision

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Company vision: Promote the harmonious development of enterprises with the power of culture, and strive to build a respected elevator brand
Company mission: Serving the people
Company spirit: Entrepreneurship must be adhered to, business must be honest, innovation should be developed, and stability should be harmonious
Business philosophy: cooperation, win-win, integrity, quality
Innovative concept: learn "war" from "war" and summarize innovation from practice
Management philosophy: three disciplines, eight attentions
Employing the concept: equality for all, fair competition, caring for employees, survival of the fittest
Service concept: customers are happy, I am happy
User needs: 365 days, 24 hours for customer service
Quality policy: win the trust with sincerity, win with quality, cost-effective, continuous improvement, never ending
Management policy: people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, create value, return society
Core values: respect each employee, serve every elevator, work hard every moment, pursue daily value
Company slogan: Create a sample of China Industrial Tourism Happy Factory
Three disciplines: all thoughts should be unified; all actions should be directed to the command; all rewards and punishments should be clearly defined;
Eight points of attention: The person has the bottom line; the responsibility has the responsibility; the evidence for doing things; the unity does not consume internal energy; the work efficiency; the quality has standards; the customer needs attention; the principle of honesty;