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First, the team supports

After nearly 20 years of marketing experience, the company has opened more than ten branches in Hangzhou and Ningxia in more than 20 economic and population provinces. While expanding the sales area and increasing the wiring, Hopman Elevator always regards the after-sales service as the "lifeline" of the product brand. It has a large number of professional, highly efficient and responsive installation and maintenance teams throughout the country. Enterprise production and marketing have laid a solid foundation.


Second, propaganda support

Promoting the harmonious development of enterprises with the power of culture and striving to build a respected elevator brand is the vision of Hopeman Elevator. Hopman Elevator always adheres to the service concept of “Happy customers, I am happy!”, and is committed to providing better service to customers. We strive to provide you with “nanny” service for “pre-sale, sale and after-sale”. In the after-sales segment, we paid attention to the safety promotion service of the ladder and made a lot of positive exploration and practice, and strived to build a new normal of service.


Introduction to Hopman Elevator Science Room

Hopman Elevator has built its own elevator science room, which is divided into 7 functional blocks. It integrates learning and experience interaction and integration. The system shows the development history of elevators, elevator structure and elevator safety knowledge. It is the safety education for passengers in Tonglu County. Since its inception, the base has received more than 50,000 visitors from the public, providing a good place for popularizing elevator knowledge and raising public awareness of safety.


Introduction to Hopman Elevator Safety Knowledge National Publicity Announcement Tour

Hopman Elevator is committed to corporate social responsibility and regards the promotion of public safety and the awareness of riding the ladder. The professional staff is responsible for the formation of a tour group to provide support for customers. Since the launch of the event, it has traveled to dozens of property companies and schools in more than ten provinces and cities such as Zhejiang, Beijing, Ningxia, Qinghai, Hebei, and Shaanxi. It has issued nearly 8,000 copies of safe boarding information, benefiting the public from breaking through 10,000.

Hopman Elevator solemnly promises: In order to achieve the company's rated maintenance capacity, the company provides free elevator safety knowledge into the community publicity and publicity activities, and provides propaganda service support to enhance the safety and civilization of the owners and create a harmonious internal environment.

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