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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

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Cargo elevator





Strong carrying capacity, stable and smooth
HOPMANN cargo elevators have an exceptional service life, energy-saving and efficient delivery, stable and reliable performance, will be your right hand, and your preferred cargo tool.
Hopman has many years of experience in design and manufacturing in the field of machine roomless elevators. It is one of the first companies in the industry to launch the 2000KG machine room freight elevator.
The Hopman Inorganic Room Freight Elevator uses advanced German traction technology to ensure that the elevator runs quieter, smoother, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The advanced VVVF variable frequency variable speed drive method realizes accurate variable speed drive, achieving accurate movement, energy saving and environmental protection effects. Efficient vertical system solutions for modern industrial development.
Standard features:
Phase sequence protection This layer is re-switched.
Collecting control alarm device automatic fault detection storage
Driver control emergency lighting fire return
Overhaul operation Five-party call Self-rescue function
Overspeed protection Light curtain / safety touch panel protection Manual crank protection
Overload protection, lock ladder service, forced speed change
Full load straight running time protection terminal limit protection
Car interior lighting automatic control, closed door protection
Car interior fan automatic control running times display
Adaptation function:
Arrival clock, video surveillance in the car, automatic lock, open ladder
Anti-scramble function Remote monitoring function Firefighter operation
Voice station, open the door in advance, reader service
Automatic evacuation of power outages