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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

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Sightseeing elevator





Cutting-edge technology, comfort and intelligence
The Hopman Sightseeing Elevator Control System fully complies with relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards, eliminates electromagnetic pollution, and effectively avoids electromagnetic wave interference between various precision electrical equipment and elevator signals in the building.
The inverter adds low-frequency and high-torque characteristics to the high-performance, and can be started perfectly without weighing. The built-in programmable function can fully cope with new high-end applications, long-life device options, and convenient operation and maintenance solutions. The on-site requirements of engineers and technicians lead the trend of healthy and environmentally friendly products.
The Hopman Elevator uses a reliable mechanical baffle and a sensitive and dense infrared light curtain to form a light curtain protection safety net at the elevator door, which can respond sensitively to any person or object entering its detection plane. High performance, easy to enter and exit.
Standard features:
Phase sequence protection This layer is re-switched.
Collecting control alarm device running time display
Driver control emergency lighting fault detection storage
Overhaul operation Five-party call Fire return
Overspeed protection Light curtain / safety touch panel protection Self-rescue function
Overload protection Automatic return to base station Manual drive protection
Full load straight drive lock ladder service forced speed change
Car interior lighting automatic control runtime protection terminal limit protection
Automatic control of the fan inside the car
Adaptation function:
Arrival clock, automatic evacuation of power failure, deletion of false alarm
Anti-tamper function, air conditioning in the car, security layer function
Parallel function Video monitoring in the car Automatic lock, open ladder
Group control function remote monitoring function firefighter operation
Voice station, open the door in advance, reader service