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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

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Villa elevator






Hopman Villa Elevator adheres to the design concept of environmental protection and energy saving, integrating today's cutting-edge elevator technology. The product is safe, reliable and comfortable to operate. The elegant design of the car and the exquisite craftsmanship highlight the superior performance and charm of the villa elevator.
For the luxury private home, tailor-made "journey scenery", Hopman Villa elevator, enjoy the comfort and convenience, experience the noble life.
Four advantages of humanized design:
Environmental protection and energy saving: 220V or 380V voltage, the power consumption is equivalent to a refrigerator
Product features: no soil construction, beautiful, comfortable
Applicable places: villas of different styles and structures
Style appearance: suitable for all kinds of decoration styles
The Hopman Villa Elevator is available in a variety of ways to open the door and is designed according to the needs and usage of the user.
Main function configuration:
Overhaul function Car lock ladder Automatic leveling
Jog/Auto Run Close Calling
Light curtain protection emergency lighting timeout protection
Emergency call Automatically turn off the car interior lighting, fan power
Telephone in the car overload protection emergency electric drop
Power failure indication return motor thermal protection