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Hangzhou Hopman Elevator Co., Ltd.

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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

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Hangzhou Hopman Elevator Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hopman Elevator Co., Ltd.
Experience the extraordinary charm of quality life
The Hopman series escalator products are manufactured according to the Chinese standard GB16899-1997 "Safety regulations for the manufacture and installation of escalators and moving walkways" and EN115 European standards, giving full play to the application of new materials and leading technology and advanced design concepts at home and abroad. . Smooth operation, low noise, durability and easy maintenance. With exquisite structure, sophisticated ladders, exquisite roads, and exquisite appearance, it provides passengers with a new and comfortable new look, allowing you to experience the extraordinary charm and luxury of quality life.
Safe and reliable
Advanced PLC control system, intuitive fault digital display, complete safety device to ensure safe and reliable operation.
The application of fine overall stainless steel steps, special surface treatment process, tooth top polishing, anti-slip treatment, beautiful, easy to maintain, hard texture, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and so on.
Good comfort
The advanced control system and reducer, high-quality drive chain and precise installation process ensure the running comfort of the product.