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We will make unremitting efforts to carry urban energy and provide safe and reliable carrying equipment and services.

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Moving walkway







Gorgeous and dignified, showing the honor and style
The Hopman series of moving walkway products are designed and manufactured according to the current international and international standards, and fully applied new materials with advanced technology at home and abroad. Smooth operation, low noise, durability and easy maintenance. With exquisite structure, sophisticated ladders, exquisite lead, and exquisite appearance, it combines modern design style. A safe, comfortable and beautiful moving walkway will make your day leisurely and enjoyable.
Compact structure
The fish-belly-type short pedal greatly reduces the space span, making the structure of the whole machine more compact, flexible and adaptable to the building pattern, saving customers valuable building space.
long lasting
The light weight and high strength metal truss are used to ensure the overall rigidity of the product; the automatic lubrication system can ensure that the production of parts is automatically added in time to improve the service life of the product.
Safe and comfortable operation
The design of the ladder guide rail with the backing makes the whole ladder road fixed in the guide rail, controls the movement of the ladder road, avoids the friction between the pedal and the apron board and the comb teeth, facilitates the installation, debugging and maintenance, and improves the operation effect. .