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Yan Le Stationery debuted at the China Cultural Fair

Yan Le Stationery debuted at the China Cultural Fair

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   From June 12th to 14th, the 113th China Stationery Commodities Fair was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading and globally renowned stationery trading platform in the Asia-Pacific region, this exhibition attracted more than 50,000 merchants from all over the world. The number, level and scale of exhibitors have further expanded, and the turnover has reached a new high. Hangzhou Yule Stationery & Gifts Co., Ltd. made its debut, which was favored by many merchants and achieved fruitful results.
  The company is located in the M084-M085 booth of Hall E3. The quiet green and pure white is simple and generous, highlighting the high-end positioning of environmental protection and quality, and the U-shaped design structure is welcoming with open arms. Eight guests. On the display stand, there are many main products of the company. Among them, the soft-headed watercolor pen and small mark pen, which debuted for the first time, attract many merchants to stop and experience with their exquisite design and excellent painting effect. The true color and good experience left a deep impression on the merchants. On the first day of the launch, several merchants signed a cooperation order at the scene. During the three-day exhibition period, Yule Stationery reached a cooperation intention with dozens of domestic and foreign merchants.
  The exhibition, while demonstrating the technical strength of the company, greatly enhanced the popularity and market competitiveness of its own brand “MissTian”, established a good brand image and created favorable advantages for the company's next marketing network layout. condition.
  Note: Hangzhou Haole Stationery & Gifts Co., Ltd. is a parallel company with Hangzhou Hopman Elevator Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hopman New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Hopman Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (Hopman Tourist Park).