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See the truth in the rainstorm between the government and enterprises

See the truth in the rainstorm between the government and enterprises

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  On the morning of June 19, heavy rains came to the fore, and there were many dangers in the county. At 8 o'clock, the county meteorological observatory upgraded the rainstorm yellow warning to the rainstorm orange warning signal; at 9:15, it was upgraded to the rainstorm red warning signal. Located in the Hopman Company of Qinxi Village in Yaolin Town, the water level flowing through the company's creek skyrocketed, and the flood overflowing the river rushed to the plant area. The roads in the plant area were heavily watered, some of the workshops were flooded, and the walls collapsed... seriously affecting the enterprise. Production order. At a critical juncture, the employees dredged the sewers, built sandbag dams, cleaned up the production area, and put them into production for self-rescue.
  Wang Weihong, secretary of the party committee of Yaolin Town, took part in the emergency meeting of the county's flood control work. He met with the party secretary of Qinxi Village, Wang Xiaojun, and drove the company to the company to guide the flood control work. After consulting the entire plant in Surabaya, Mr. Qi Ronggen, the general manager of the company, should pay close attention to changes in water conditions, strengthen flood control, and initiate emergency response. In particular, it is necessary to do a safe-haven transfer of personnel in hazardous areas. Efforts to reduce the economic losses caused by floods. He said that the flood prevention work is one of the main tasks of the current town party committee and government. The town police station and the fire brigade will also provide emergency protection for the normal production of the enterprise. At the same time, he asked the leaders of the village committee to strengthen the upstream reservoir storage capacity monitoring and dam safety inspection, scientific flood discharge, and ensure the normal production and life of downstream enterprises and villagers.
  By the end of the afternoon, the elevators, new energy equipment, and stationery companies were all in normal production. The travel company's rock climbing and expansion hall was full of people, and the team activities that were scheduled to participate in the group building were carried out normally. Workshop cleaning, road cleaning, wall repairing, etc. are all in an orderly manner.